DCCT Series

  • DC current
  • AC current
  • Pulsed currents

± 200A Primary Current

Zero-flux technology

  • High Bandwith
  • Extremely low temperature drift
  • Very low noise

EPOWERSYS range of high performance current transducer allows the electronic measurement of DC, AC and pulsed currents with galvanic isolation between the primary (high power) circuit and the secondary (electronic) circuit with <±2ppm linearity and stability.


DC currents peaks over nominal  may saturate the magnetic core leaving permanent residual magnetism in it. This leads to measuring errors and inaccuracy.

EPOWERSYS DCCT SERIES fix this problem with the degaussing function which is run each time the device is switched on. It can be performed manually as well.

The highest specification available

EPOWERSYS DCCT Series presents excellent linearity and extremely low noise thanks to an extremely accurate Zero Flux detector used in the closed loop.

Galvanic isolation allows measuring currents at a different potential and simplifies interfacing when using the EPOWERSYS DCCT in power supplies regulation.


Primary Current

ppm linearity
ppm repeatability


Highest specification available

Galvanic isolation


Power Supplies
Biomedical Devices
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Calibration Systems
Test and Measurement Setups

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