High stability programmable DC Power Supply



- REPRO S 06 200A - 30V

- REPRO S 15 200A - 75V

  • Boosted ZVS topology
  • High Accuracy
  • High Stability
  • High efficiency

REPRO S range is specially designed to match the highest specification and to maximize  the mean time between failures.

REPRO S is the EPOWER SYS range of high reproducibility programmable DC power converters based on switched topology, focused on scientific research and industrial applications.


maximum efficiency with zvs

ZVS  technology  makes possible to switch transistors  at zero volts, which means that no power is dissipated during the switching process.

From 0 to 100% load

EPOWERSYS ZVS technology is able to boost energy to achieve great performance working even below 5% load.

Be accurate

REPRO S Series is thermally controlled providing constant performance and excellent ratings. Current measuring at constant temperature, eliminates any thermal drift.

Thermal control leads to an outstanding accuracy and a reliable performance.

DCCT sensor and double control loop are used to achieve the maximum output precision. ±2 ppm accuracy output is achieved, regardless of the temperature conditions in the room and without warm-up times.

01_Thermal control

Let the numbers talk

± 100
ppm stability
0% LOAD 100%

more features

08_Soft start
Soft Start

The soft-start function allows the digitally controlled charging of capacitors, reducing the stress of components and increasing their useful life. The power supply has a protection circuit in primary that discharges the bus voltage for safety reasons when the system stops

07_Air cooling
Air Cooling

Air cooling prevents failures caused by water Leaks.

05_Time saver
Time Saver

Minimum warm-up time and fast stabilization time over a reference change. REPRO series contribute to save time in operation.

03_High efficiency
High Efficiency

Engineered in soft switching architecture, REPRO S power converters range is able to perform over 90% efficiency. Power factor correction is standard.

02_User friendly
Friendly User Interface

REPRO S series control system is extremely easy to use. Power supplies are controlled and monitored with a 7’’ touch screen with a friendly user interface providing far more information than conventional interfaces.

11_HF transformer
High Frecuency Transformer

The power supply uses a high frequency transformer  designed to minimize the dispersed flow, preventing  induced currents and noise generation. The high  technology material core, allows a higher flux density than the ferrites, allowing to lower the heating, size  and weight of the transformer compared to conventional  transformers.

06_Remote cotrol
Remote Control

Remote control with Ethernet and RS232 interfaces is included.

12_Less interference and noise
Less interference and Noise

The use of local divers and optic fiber connections minimizes false triggering, noise and interference emission, allowing a better and more precise operation.


Particle accelerator power supply
Test and measurement systems
Medical imaging and treatment systems
Semiconductor processing