Alphα range

Alphα- Medium Voltage Programable Power Supply

Highest accuracy for laboratory and industrial applications
  • Unipolar
  • Max. voltage output 1000V – Max. current output 300A
  • Highest accuracy of the market 0.004% Voltage / 0.006% Current
  • 7 Control modes: Current CC, Voltage CV, Power CP, Hybrid CCV, Function generator, Analog voltage, Analog current
  • Dynamic Save Operating Area (SOA – Autoranging)
  • Real time accuracy dynamic calculation
  • Active input filter, PFC = 1 in all operation range for high power applications
  • Very low harmonic distortion.
  • Noise inmunity.
  • 93.5% efficiency
  • Remote voltage sensing
  • Dynamic air cooling by power consumption or internal temperature
  • Data base store 16GB > 30 years without erasing
  • 7-inch touch screen display
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
  • MODBUS over TCP/IP control.
  • EPowerSys remote control software
  • Centralized switch-on for a group of power sources
  • Specially treated output bush bars
  • Small size and weight
  • Highest power density: 12KW in ½ 19” rack / heigh 4U / weight < 15 Kg

Highest accuracy

Voltage 0.004%
Current 0.006%

1000V - 300A

7 Control modes

Current CC, Voltage CV, Power CP, Hybrid CCV, Function generator, Analog voltage, Analog current

Vienna rectifier

Active input filter with PFC = 1 for >5KW

LDO references

Digital converters ADC and DAC are powered by LDOs. This linear technology avoids commutations and noise. This means that the converter instrumentation has high accuracy and clean voltage.

Power Flow Screen

The digital 7-inch display allows to monitor the complete power flow of the power supply

SOA Dynamic safe operating area

Automatic current or voltage autoranging to max. power or save power


Remote control software
Modbus TCP/IP
Ethernet, Wi-FI, USB, HDMI

Optional modules

External 0 – 10 V Trigger input, Ground current monitoring, Float/gnd commanded by software, Additional interlocks, Freewheeling diode, air flow monitoring, Power lock, Active temperature monitoring and dynamic cooling control by temperature

Long term data storage

Alphα stores many parameters in a database. Those parameters can be displayed on charts, user can choose which parameters to display. All parameters data are stored from the first day of operation of the Alphα. Those can be downloaded from USB port.

Noise immunity

· Switching semiconductors are driven by means of an optical fiber digital transmitter, achieving the highest performance in terms of speed, bandwith, attenuation and noise immunity.
· Optic fiber drivers.
· The power supply uses a high frequency transformer designed to minimize the dispersed flow, preventing induced currents and noise generation.

Alphα: EPOWER SYS range of high accuracy programmable DC power converters for laboratory and industrial applications

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