Impulse Winding tester CDG 7000

Winding Tester


CDG 7000 is presently of standard use at CERN for testing all magnets in the accelerators and experimental lines of any type (normal conducting and superconducting, small and large).


  • 2 µF – internal capacitance
  • 7 kV – output voltage
  • 49 J – pulse energy

Why 2µF

Experience with magnets shows that working with testers below 1µF and 2 kV, it is almost impossible to see many faults. These faults may not be evident during the execution of the test but may appear after an already short period of operation. When testing with other instruments with smaller capacitance we could not see many of the defects seen with 2µF. "To trigger a fault which is not a fully zero resistance fault you need enough energy, which means a bigger capacitor.”

“To trigger a fault which is not a fully zero resistance fault you need enough energy, which means a bigger capacitor.”

Why bidirectional

The existence of a bidirectional switch between the tester and the coil allows to create a resonant circuit with the external inductance and the internal capacitor bank. Otherwise the coil would resonate with its own parasitic capacitance, much smaller than the capacitor bank. A bidirectional switch is needed so that the coil resonates with the large capacitor bank instead of its own small parasitic capacitance.

“Letting the coil resonate with its parasitic capacitance means such a low energy test that could lead to miss insulation faults between turns.”

Quality control

Running this test on every coil produced as a quality control, prevents the integration of bad coils into your magnet, motor, transformer.

Optimize your production costs

Use this surge tester to check if you can reduce insulation and therefore volume and raw materials costs in your electrical machine. · Dimension of your coil · Raw Material costs

IMPULSE WINDING TESTER CDG 7000 is easy to use and you will save money


The best diagnosis

The insulation faults between turns are detected either by comparison of the reference’s coil waveform with the coil under test or by observing a change in the ringing frequency of the DUT.

3 reasons to choose EPOWERSYS CDG 7000


You will be able to see faults which you might be missing with your existing tester.
You need at least 1µF and 2kV to detect some faults before a problem in operation. EPOWERSYS CDG7000 WINDING TESTER is 2µF and 7kV.


CDG 7000 is equipped with:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Open circuit protection
  • Emergency Stop switch
  • Charge led indicators
  • Lemo connector
  • Ground connector
  • High noise immunity
  • Galvanic isolation


You do not need high voltage skilled operators to use EPOWERSYS CDG7000

  • Portable device
  • Easy connections
  • 7″ touch screen
  • Zoom
  • Filters
  • 4 Gb memory (200.000 waveforms)
  • USB 2.0, HDMI, ports
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Oscilloscope connectors
  • LAN connector

More features

Data management

Signal format data filing options

  • Image file (.png) for screen pictures.
  • Text file. (.txt) for the waveform points.

Signal data storage options

  • Local 4GB memory (more than 200000 waveforms).
  • External USB drive.

Multiple and high quality interface options


  • 15 kV Lemo connector.
  • BNC Connectors for output voltage and current measurement.
  • LAN Connector.
  • USB Connector.
  • HDMI Port.

7” TFT touch screen

With detailed information of the waveform and multiple visualization options

  • Maximum, minimum, peak to peak, duration, zoom, split, multiple filters.
  • Two channels (current and voltage) per signal.
  • Up to four waveform signals can be simultaneously displayed.

Robustness and safety


  • LEDs indicators for different charge status.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • 10s linear charge regardless of the setpoint.
  • Multiple error detectors.
  • Log for the technical service.

Impulse Winding tester CDG 7000


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