RPSu range

Superconducting magnets

Highest current output in the market in ½ 4U Standard Converter
  • Unipolar one quadrant.
  • Max current/voltage 500A / 10V -15V -20V.
  • Long term stabilty: 2ppm.
  • High resolution.
  • 7 control modes including current, voltage and hybrid.
  • Real time ppm dynamic calculation.
  • Data base store 16GB > 30 years without erasing.
  • Active input filter and Power Factor 1.
  • Very low harmonic distortion.
  • Noise inmunity.
  • Zero thermal drift.
  • 94% efficiency.
  • Intelligent ground connection through control. Precision (nA) ground current monitoring for load ground insulation check. Ground fuse permanent check.
  • Intelligent cooling control with maintenance warning.
  • User friendly local interface with 7 inch size display.
  • EPICS control.
  • MODBUS over TCP/IP control.
  • DCCT Technology.
  • Remote sensing input channels.
  • Small size and weight.
  • Centralized switch-on for a group of power sources.

High current output

RPSu can deliver up to 500A of maximum current and 10V or 20V voltage, up to 12kW of maximum power


< 2 PPM Long term stability (8h)

Zero Thermal Drift

0 ppm/K, 25ºC stable operation with ±0.1 ºC deviation.
ADC and burden resistor for the current digital control loop are located inside a peltier chamber to ensure temperature independent operation.

DCCT Technology

The feedback measurement of the current control loop is carried out using a DCCT sensor with a linearity error less than 1 ppm.

Vienna Rectifier

Active input filter with PFC = 1 in all operating range

LDO references

Digital converters ADC and DAC are powered by LDOs. This linear technology avoids commutations and noise. This means that the converter instrumentation has high accuracy and clean voltage.

Power Flow Screen

The digital 7-inch display allows to monitor the complete power flow of the power supply

Active temperature monitoring

Key points temperature is monitored in the converter. Points such as semiconductors, high frequency transformer, input and output fans are controlled to ensure the correct operation of the device and to prevent possible failures.

Multiple control modes

The power supply can be controlled in multiple modes, such as constant current, constant voltage, hybrid, constant power, analog reference for voltage or current or as a function generator for current, voltage or power

Remote sensing

Remote voltage sensing to avoid voltage drop in cables by measuring real voltage on the load.

Long term data storage

RPSu stores many parameters in a database. Those parameters can be displayed on charts, user can choose which parameters to display. All parameters data are stored from the first day of operation of the RPSu. Those can be downloaded from USB port.

Noise immunity

· Switching semiconductors are driven by means of an optical fiber digital transmitter, achieving the highest performance in terms of speed, bandwith, attenuation and noise immunity.
· Optic fiber drivers.
· The power supply uses a high frequency transformer designed to minimize the dispersed flow, preventing induced currents and noise generation.

RPSu: EPOWER SYS range of high stability programmable DC power converters. Switched topology. Scientific research and industrial applications.


High current output

  • RPSu can deliver up to 300A of maximum current and 60V of maximum voltage at 12Kw of maximum power.
  • As an option RPSu may be equipped with a bipolar output stage for two quadrant operations by means of a polarity reversal switch.


  • Particle accelerator magnets supply.
  • Test & Measurement systems.
  • Medical Imaging and treatment systems.
  • Semiconductor Processing.

Control modes

  • Constant current: often used to power magnets.
  • Constant voltage: normally used in industrial applications.
  • Hybrid: both voltage and current can be programmed.
  • Power: set point can be programmed in watts.
  • Analog voltage and current: this mode works as regular current or voltage mode, except that set point is programmed via analog input 0-10V.
  • Function generator: dynamic set point follows programmed curves. Any curve can be programmed (up to 50Hz), and it is available in current, voltage and power.

Accuracy and resolution

  • Long term stability 2ppm.
  • Output precision is not affected by room temperature changes. Data acquisition electronics active thermalization by means of a Peltier chamber and digital temperature control loop (warm / cold). Temperature drift negligible.
  • Readback Resolution: 31bits Slow accuracy loop @ 24bits Fast loop.
  • Current and Voltage Setting resolution: 22,5 bits <100uA.
  • Reliable performance is essential on scientific and industry applications.

Real time PPM calculation

RPSu displays in real time accuracy in PPM for the present load in screen and in graph. This feature is especially useful for adjusting control loops.

Power Flow Screen

Power Flow screen displays converter’s complete control status information in a unified screen



RPSu Superconducting magnets


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