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4 Quadrants - Switch mode regenerative power converter

Powering for a sustainable future

  • CERN proven design, with more than 300 operating units and an industrialized design
  • 4 Quadrants – Switch Mode Power converter
  • Regenerative converter with integrated energy recovery up to 360 KJ/600 KJ (with extra cabinet)
  • Modular power converter (up to four units)
  • Specifically designed for fast cycling loads (Transfer Lines electromagnets in Particle Accelerators)
  • Parallel or Series configuration
  • Each unit 450V and 450A or continuous (DC) 80V and 200A, constant RMS power of 16kW
  • Peak cycling power deliverable to the magnet 202.5kW, up to 810 KW in 4 units configuration
  • High precision current measurement DCCTs
  • Current Accuracy (One Year): 100 ppm
  • Current Reproducibility (One day): 20 ppm
  • Current Stability (1/2 hour): 20 ppm
  • Standardized integration two standard 19-inch
Why Sirius?

In today's world, for any company or institution, sustainability and environmental impact minimization, are key objectives

Magnet protection

Power Converter is part of magnet protection scheme, even if not directly fully responsible of the monitoring and diagnostic of the magnet status. PIC/WIC (Power/Warm Interlock Controller) can interlock Power Converter if magnet safety requires it.

Active crowbar

Each SIRIUS module is equipped with its own active crowbar. The system is based on a 2.2 Ω power resistor connected to two thyristors which are triggered when there is a faulty condition on the converter or when the voltage Vmeas goes beyond a predefined threshold (BOD protection).

Earth fault detection

The Detection system is a converter configuration independent (serial or parallel). It’s composed of a voltage divider connected between positive polarity, the negative polarity and earth.
Power Converter for Transfer Lines
Power Converter Characteristics

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